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Online Scratch Cards

Scratch card gaming has become an iconic part of the UK gaming scene, but the web has taken the card digital and revolutionized the fun for the 21st century. Online scratch cards are playable along the same lines as classic cards, but contain some cool elements to make them very attractive gaming propositions.

The power of the web means online scratchies can deliver cool sounds and animated features, turning them into super-charged entertainment. While you can't enjoy taking the cards in your hand, you can still enjoy the scratch sensation with digital coins and click and scratch functionality. In addition, you can play web scratch cards with auto scratch or manual icon by icon game-play.

What's more, online scratch cards contain awesome themes, cool graphics and a huge range of card tariffs. For example, some casino parlours let you play with stake levels ranging from 0.01 up to 50.00, 100.00 or even 200.00 per ticket!

The payout power of online scratchies can also be pretty awesome, powering past 5000.00 coin payouts, which can be worth hundreds of thousands for high stake jackpot gamers. However, with typical returns of 95% plus, all regular scratchie players can enjoy regular payouts.

While scratch card gaming is all about luck shining sweetly on your cards, there are countless scratch card tips which can boost your entertainment levels and potentially extend your game-time to keep you in the hunt for jackpot joy. Check out the scratchie tips below…..

Scratch card tips

1. Set a weekly budget of 'x number' of cards per week
2. Split your gaming into several weekly sessions to maximise your hopes of getting lucky
3. Never progressively increase card values to re-coup scratchie losses
4. Play scratch cards for 100% fun – and just enjoy the payouts as and when they strike!
5. Always play with leisure cash

The concept of online scratch cards is all new to many gamers – but they're well worth trying out if you love jackpot leisure gaming. Naturally, the best way to sample the latest scratchie action is to download a decent online casino with a no-deposit offer, and check out their power totally free.

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